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Jilly from Philly: Acrylics & charcoal on wood

Acrylics & charcoal on wood is a unique and eye-catching art form. Acrylic paint is an ideal medium for creating vivid, saturated colors that can be applied in many different ways to create a variety of textures, patterns, and effects.

Charcoal can be used to add subtle definition to the painting or provide bold contrast when necessary. When paired with wood as the base canvas, these two materials can produce stunning artworks that are sure to draw attention from any onlooker. The combination of their complementary qualities allows for an endless number of creative possibilities and makes this type of artwork truly one-of-a-kind.

Jilly from Philly is a nickname given to jazz singer Jill Scott by her fans due to her hometown being Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has been active in the music industry since 2000 and has released five studio albums over the course of her career thus far. Jilly’s sound is often described as soulful R&B with hints of hip hop influence scattered throughout her songs.

Her lyrics revolve around topics such as love, relationships, self-discovery, and empowerment which resonate deeply with listeners across various backgrounds and cultures alike. Her talent has earned her numerous awards over the years including several Grammy Awards making Jilly from Philly one of the most celebrated modern day female vocalists in history! Read more on Quests Kinner.


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